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      100 Years of Flight (# 50)

100 Years of Flight
100 Years of Flight

1903 - Wright Brothers make the world´s first POWERED flight

1907 - First helicopter flight by Paul Cornu in France

1909 - First cross English Channel flight by Frenchman Louis Bleriot on the Bleriot XI

1909 - The world´s first passanser airplane of Zeppelin Airship is formed, carrying 35,000 passengers in 5 years.

1914 - First airline begin

1914 - World War I, rapid advancement in aircraft development

1917 - Pacific Aero Products Company changes its name to Boeing airplane company, and Boeing is established

1919 - The first non-stop flight across the Atlantic

1919 - First international commercial passanger flight between Paris and Brussels

1923 - The first non-stop US coast-to-coast

1924 - First round the world flight by US Air Army Service in 175 days

1925 - World´s first inflight movie is shown

1927 - Charles Lindbergh makes the first solo flight over the Atlantic

1927 - First transoceaonic flight from Oakland, CA to Honolulu, Hawaii

1929 - The first flight over Antartica takes place

1929 - The world´s first flight over the South Pole

1929 - First rocket-powered plane by Fritz Opel of Germany

1931 - The first non-stop flight across the Pacific

1931 - First jet engine by Britain´s Frank Whittle

1932 - Amelia Earhart is the first woman to fly solo over the Atlantic

1933 - Wily Post completes the first round-the-world solo flight

1933 - The world´s first airliner Boeing 247 with 10 pax onboard

1935 - First airway traffic control centre at Newark, NJ

1935 - First succesful pssanger airliner, the DC-3 was the first plane to make a profit solely on pax service, 21 pax onboard.

1936 - First pressurized cabin by Lockheed Aircraft Corp

1939 - World War II. huge advancement in combat aircraft and bombers

1940 - First flight of Boeing Stratoliner

1947 - Flight faster than sound, the Bell X-I

1951 - The introduction of Tourist/Economy/Coach/Y Class

1954 - First Boeing 707, also the first jet airliner succesfully enters the pax service

1957 - World´s first satellite, Russian Sputnik I

1958 - More than a million flew over the Atlantic, surpass the total of Atlantic Steamship pax

1961 - FIRST MAN IN SPACE. Yuri Gagrin, orbited on Vostok I spacecraft

1969 - First concorde´s flight

1969 - First MAN ON THE MOON. Neil Armstrong

1970 - The first wide bodied jet Boeing 747 starts service and seats for 400+ pax

1970 - Airbus is formed

1975 - Video games are first introduced onboard flights

1976 - First aircraft on Mars, Viking I that is

1981 - First space shuttle launch

1984 - World´s first inflight telephone is introduced

1997 - MH B772 breaks the world record for the longest non-stop flight:SEA-KUL

1999 - Airbus outshine Boeing in sales for the first time

2001 - First space tourist, American bizman Denis Tito paid $20 mil. for a place on Russian Solyuz

2001 - MH B772 is the first twin engine commercial aircraft to fly over North Pole

2001 - MH is the first Asian carrier to fly over polar route

2003 - Concorde makes it final flight on 24 October 2003

Compiled from/Courtesy of The Discovery Channel/Malaysia Airlines:

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