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      Free Aircraft W & B Software (# 60)

Free Aircraft W & B Software
Free Model Aircraft Weight and Balance Software

by Mike Sayer


This program is intended to predict the weight ,wing loading and centre of gravity of a model aircraft based on a description of the parts.

This list of parts may consist of:

  • hardware e.g. motor , receiver
  • fuselage sheet, longerons formers, etc.
  • wing spars , sheeting and ribs
  • covering

Hardware parts are entered as a weight and position, all other parts are entered as dimensions and a density value.

Program Features

  • Data entry is done by filling in text boxes and clicking on Add to add the item to one of the lists of parts
  • List items can be copied, edited or deleted
  • Data may be saved/loaded to/from disc file as a text file
  • Data may printed to the default printer
  • Whenever data is added or changed the results are automatically recalculated
  • A utility for metric to/from imperial conversions
  • A wood density calculator

System Requirements

  • Windows 95/98/ME
  • Approx 7M of hard disc space
  • Screen resolution needs to be at least 800x600
  • The font Courier New is used, if it is not present, some of the form layouts may be odd. This is a standard Win95 font and should be available unless you have removed it.


  • There is a full Windows 95 installation program
  • An uninstall utility is also provided

This program is FREE and is only available by Internet download.

Click Here to Download Program (about 3.5 M)

Click Here to justdownload instructions

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