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      NAA Coalition Member List (# 54)

NAA Coalition Member List
NAA Coalition Member List

National Aviation Associations Coalition Member List

Aerospace Industries Association (AIA)

1250 Eye Street, NW, Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20005
Tel: (202) 371-8400
Fax: (202) 371-8470
AIA is the trade association representing the nation’s manufacturers of commercial, military, and business aircraft, helicopters, aircraft engines, missiles, spacecraft, and related components and equipment.

Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA)
Captain J. Randolph Babbitt, President
Jerry Baker, Government Affairs
1625 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20036
Tel: (202) 797-4010
Fax: (202) 797-4052
ALPA is the largest labor union and professional organization of U.S. airline pilots. It is affiliated with the AFL-CIO, holds bargaining rights for 43,000 members at 44 carriers, and is a leading air safety advocate.

Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA)
Gabriel A. Hartl, President
Suzette Matthews, General Counsel
2300 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 711
Arlington, VA 22201
Tel: (703) 522-5717
Fax: (703) 52s7-7251
ATCA is a national professional association that has as its goal advancement in the science and profession of air traffic control. Its membership consists of individuals and organizations representing all aspects of the air traffic control discipline.

Air Transport Association of America (ATA)
The Honorable Carol Hallett, President
Ed Merlis, Senior Vice President
Paul Pike
1301 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20004-1707
Tel: (202) 626-4168
Fax: (202) 626-4181
ATA is the trade association for the major U.S. flag airlines. Its members collectively account for approximately 97 percent of the revenue passenger miles flown in the United States and over 95 percent of the freight ton miles.

Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA)

    Paula Derks, President

    Terry Pearsall, Director, Governmental & Industry Affairs

    Monte Mitchell, Executive Director, AEA Educational Foundation

4217 South Hocker
Independence, MO 64055
Tel: (816) 373-6565
Fax: (816) 478-3100
AEA represents over 900 FAA Part 145 Certified Repair Stations as well as most manufacturers of general aviation avionics equipment airframes.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

421 Aviation Way
Frederick, MD 21701
(301) 695-2000
Washington Legislative Number
Tel: (202) 479-4050
Fax: (202) 484-1312
AOPA represents 342,000 general aviation aircraft owners and pilots who use their aircraft for non-commercial, personal and business transportation. AOPA members constitute 60 percent of the active pilots in the nation.

Airport Consultants Council (ACC)
Paula Bline, Executive Director
908 King Street, Suite 100
Alexandria, VA 22314
Tel: (703) 683-5900
Fax: (703) 683-2564
ACC is the international trade association representing more than 200 firms providing services to airports and the aviation industry. Member companies offer architectural, engineering, planning, financial, management, economic, construction, consulting services, as well as airport equipment, materials, and products.

Airports Council International, North America (ACI-NA)
David Plavin, President
Rob Wigington, Executive Vice President
1775 K Street, NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20006-1502
Tel: (202) 293-8500
Fax: (202) 887-5365
ACI-NA represents 143 local, regional, and state governing bodies that own and operate approximately 300 commercial service airports in the United States, Canada and Bermuda. ACI-NA member airports service more than 90 percent of the U.S. domestic scheduled air passenger and cargo traffic and virtually all U.S. scheduled international travel.

Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC)
Nancy West
1800 Diagonal Road, Suite 210
Alexandria, VA 22314
Tel: (703) 417-8740
AMAC is a national trade association of more than 300 members, including minority and women-owned concessionaires, contractors and service professionals; large, majority-owned corporations; and airport operators.

American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE)

4212 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22302
Tel: (703) 824-0500
Fax: (703) 820-1395
AAAE is a professional organization representing the men and women who manage airports which enplane 99 percent of the passengers in the United States.

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

1801 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 500
Reston, VA 20191-4344
Tel: (703) 264-7500; (703)264-7625
Fax: (703) 264-7551
AIAA is the principal society and voice serving the aerospace profession. Its primary purpose is to advance the arts, sciences and technology of aeronautics and astronautics and to promote the professionalism of those engaged in those pursuits.

Cargo Airline Association (CAA)
Stephen Alterman, President
1200 19th Street, NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20036
Tel: (202) 293-1030
Fax: (202) 293-4377
CAA is a nationwide organization representing the interests of the all-cargo air carriers. Membership includes virtually all major air cargo carriers and other in the air freight industry.

Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)

    Thomas P. Poberezny, President
    Tel: (920)426-4800
    Fax: (920)426-4878

    Rick Weiss, Washington Representative
    Tel: (301)262-2100
    Fax: (301)262-2100

    Barry Valentine, Board Member
    Tel: (410)626-0978
    Fax: (410)626-9654

3000 Poberezny Road
Oshkosh, WI 54903-3086
Tel: (920) 426-4800
Fax: (920) 426-4878; (310) 262-2100 (P/F)
EAA is a sport aviation association with a worldwide membership of over 132,000 aviation enthusiasts, pilots and aircraft owners. The organization includes an active network of over 740 chapters.

General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA)

1400 K Street, N.W. Suite 801
Washington, DC 20005-2485
Tel: (202) 393-1500
Fax: (202) 842-4063
GAMA represents 53 U.S. manufacturers of general aviation airplanes, engines, avionics and related equipment.

Helicopter Association International (HAI)

1635 Prince Street
Alexandria, VA 22341
Tel: (703) 683-4646
Fax: (703) 683-4745
HAI is a non-profit professional trade association with over 1,100 member organizations in 51 nations. HAI is dedicated to promoting the helicopter as a safe and efficient method of transportation.

International Council of Air Shows (ICAS)
John Cudahy, President
751 Miller Drive, SE
Leesburg, VA 20175
Tel: (703) 779-8510
Fax: (703) 779-8511
ICAS provides the industry with a common source of shared knowledge and experience. As a unified voice, ICAS represents the interests of its members to the agencies that regulate and support air show activities.

National Aeronautic Association (NAA)
Donald Koranda, President
1815 N. Fort Myer Drive, Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22209
Tel: (703) 527-0226
Fax: (703) 527-0229
NAA’s purpose is to coordinate and promote sport aviation within the United States; to represent sport aviation internationally; to oversee the establishment of all aviation and space records set in the U.S. and to promote aviation through national recognition of individual achievement.

National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA)

1005 E Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003
Tel: (202) 546-5722
Fax: (202) 546-5726
NAAA is working to preserve aerial application´s place in the protection and production of America´s high-quality food and fiber and at the same time providing aerial applicators with the information they need to operate with maximum safety and accuracy.

National Air Carrier Association (NACA)
Edward J. Driscoll, President & CEO
Ron Priddy
1730 M Street, NW, Suite 806
Washington, DC 20036
Tel: (202) 833-8200
Fax: (202) 659-9479
NACA represents U.S. certified airlines that specialize in low-cost scheduled and charter services transporting passengers and cargo in domestic and international markets. The majority of members operate worldwide and are major participants in the Civil Reserve Air Fleet program.

National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA)

Michael McNally, President

Jack Cole

1150 17th Street, NW, Suite 701
Washington, DC 20036
Tel: (202) 223-2900
Fax: (202) 659-3991
NATCA is the sole collective bargaining agent for the 14,900 air traffic controllers serving the FAA and Dept. of Defense at Cherry Point, NC. Also, NATCA fights for the rights of controllers on Capitol Hill, through the media, and throughout the aviation community.

National Air Transportation Association (NATA)

4226 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22302
Tel: (703) 845-9000
Fax: (703) 845-8176
NATA represents the business interest of the nation’s general aviation service companies providing fueling, flight training, maintenance & repair, and on-demand charter service by more than 1,700 member companies with more than 100,000 employees.

National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA)
Karen Griggs, Executive Director
P.O. Box 85
Poolesville, MD 20837
Tel: (301) 349-2070
Fax: (301) 972-7727

National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA)
Susan Sheets, Executive Director
4226 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22302
Tel: (703) 671-8273
Fax: (703) 671-5848
NARA represents aircraft brokers and dealers organized to promote high standards of ethical business practices in the resale market.

National Association of Air Traffic Specialists (NAATS)

(703) 256-2784
11303 Amherst Ave, Suite 4
Wheaton, MD 20902
Tel: (301) 933-6228
Fax: (301) 933-3902
NAATS is a labor union with national exclusive recognition as the bargaining agent for all GS-2152 series Air Traffic Control Specialists employed by the FAA in the Flight Service Option. NAATS’s objective is to promote, enhance and improve the dignity and stature of specialists in the Flight Service Option.

National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO)

8401 Colesville Road, Suite 505
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Tel: (301) 588-0587
Fax: (301) 588-1288
NASAO represents the state governments’ aviation service agencies in all the states, as well as the aviation departments of Puerto Rico and Guam.

National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)

1200 18th Street, NW Suite 400
Washington, DC 20036
Tel: (202) 783-9000
Fax: (202) 331-8364
NBAA represents the interests of nearly 6,000 companies that operate general aviation aircraft as an aid to business. NBAA members earn annual revenues in excess of $4 trillion and employ more than 19 million people worldwide.

National Business Travel Association (NBTA)
Norman R. Sherlock, Executive Director
1650 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-2747
Tel: (703) 684-0836
Fax: (703) 684-0263
NBTA represents major corporations and their travel managers who are involved in over $150 billion in travel and entertainment expenses annually. Corporate travel accounts for 60 percent of airline and Aviation Trust Fund revenues.

Professional Airways Systems Specialists (PASS)
Michael Flanfalone, President
1150 17th Street, NW, Suite 702
Washington, DC 20036
Tel: (202) 293-7277
Fax: (202) 293-7727
PASS provides exclusive representation for the Technical and Aviation Systems Specialists working for the FAA. Presently, the PASS bargaining unit consists of over 10,000 FAA employees including Airway Facilities, Flight Standards, and Office of Aviation Standards employees along with a growing number of Dept. of Defense employees.

Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA)

636 I (Eye) Street, N.W., Suite 300
Washington, DC 20001-3736
Tel: (202) 216-9220
Fax: (202) 216-9224
PAMA is a national professional association of aviation maintenance technicians, with some 4,000 individual members and 250 affiliated company members.

Regional Airline Association (RAA)

1200 19th Street, NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20036-2422
Tel: (202) 857-1170
Fax: (202) 429-5113
RAA represents airlines engaged in short and medium haul scheduled airline transportation of passengers and cargo as well as suppliers of products and services for the industry.

Small Aircraft Manufacturers Association (SAMA)
Paul C. Fiduccia, President
Angelyn Hall
4226 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22302
Tel: (703) 379-1800
Fax: (703) 379-1801
SAMA is the national association of the leading producers of kit aircraft and of engines, propellers, avionics and equipment for owner-flown single-engine aircraft used for sport, personal and business transportation.

Soaring Society of America (SSA)
Gene Hammond, President
26260 Airport Road
Minooka, IL 60447
Tel: (815) 467-4185
Fax: (815) 467-4283
SSA was developed in 1932 to foster and promote all phases of soaring, both nationally and internationally.

University Aviation Association (UAA)

8110 E. Clay Street
Wichita State University
Wichita, KS 67207-2332
Tel: (316) 683-0836
Fax: (316) 683-0252
Established over 45 years ago, UAA is the only national organization devoted to collectively representing the interests of two-year, four-year and graduate aviation degree-granting institutions. UAA members include accredited institutions of higher learning, aviation faculty, staff and students, and corporations and individuals interested in promoting aviation education.

U.S. Parachute Association (USPA)

1440 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Tel: (703) 836-3495
Fax: (703) 836-2843
USPA is the largest skydiving organization in the world, and the principal voice of skydivers throughout the United States. Established in 1946, USPA is the source for skydiving information including training, safety issues, and historical archives. USPA supports more than 33,000 members and more than 300 skydiving centers worldwide.

Women in Aviation International (WAI)
Peggy Baty, President
Tel: (937) 839-4647
Fax: (937) 839-4645
WAI began in 1990 and was formally established in 1994 to encourage women to seek opportunities in aviation. WAI is dedicated to the encouragement and advancement of women in all aviation career fields and interests.

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