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1967 Mooney M20F

Mooney M20F 1967 For Sale
Mooney M20F 1967 For Sale
Mooney M20F 1967 For Sale
Mooney M20F 1967 For Sale
Mooney M20F 1967 For Sale
Mooney M20F 1967 For Sale
Spec Sheet
Yeat Built 1967
Make Mooney
Model M20F
Price US $ Consúltenos / Ask Us
Location EE.UU.
Condition Usado Habilitado
Serial Number
TTSN 2990
Flight Rules VFR
Seats 4

General Description
Converted to electric gear right after it was built. Then delivered to Colorado where it was based until 1972. Since '72 it has lived it's life corrosion-free near Mojave in Southen California. No corrosion, no hail, no damage and complete logs since new. A low time airframe with a very fresh engine is an economical way to travel.

The F model is the same dimensions as a M20J or "201" The have the same engine, the 200 HP injected IO-360. Same fuel capacity. Same fuselage length. Same wingspan. Same useful load. The "F" model was the airframe that Lopresti "sped up" for Mooney when they came out with the 201. For half the price of a 201, you get 99% of a 201 performance. This one has the endless leaking tanks fixed with $10,000 worth of bladders. It also misses the prop hub eddy current 100 hour AD because it has a new AD free hub.

In the Mooney hierarchy, the "F" is a 9 inch stretched "E" model. 200 HP and 9 GPH at 150 Kts. 2000 TBO.

Detailed Description
Recent AD-Free Prop
55 Gallon Monroy Bladders (Very expensive conversion)
Lockable and Leak-Proof Caps
Electric Gear conversion when new
Gear Position Indicator in Floor
Single-Piece Windshield
Retractable Step
Horizontal Stabilizer Root Speed Fairing
Manual Hydrualic Flaps
2 Magnetos (Not single-drive Mag System)
Medco Locks
Recent Pucks
Three Recent Tires
Wingtip Strobe Lights
F-Model Air Vents (Very Effective)
Interior Lights
Hat Shelf
Bracket Air Filter
91 SMOH, IO-360 200 HP
650 SMOH
Electric gear
Mooney Audio Panel
Mooney 3-Light Marker Beacon Panel
Narco Mark 12D Digital 760 Channel Flip/Flop Nav/Com
Glide Slope Indicator
Narco Mark 12E Digital 760 Channel Flip/Flop Nav/Com with VOR DME
VOR/LOC Indicator
King KN 62 Digital DME
King KT 76A Transponder with Mode C
King KLN 89B GPS
Mooney Autopilot
Mooney Positive Control on yoke (PC)
Additional Equipment:
7.5/10 Base blanca con franjas marrones y naranja en esquema original de fábrica
7/10 Tapizados de vinilo y tela marrón
Annual Due:
Inspección anual: Marzo 2017

Subject to Prior Sale and/or Pre-Purchase Inspection


Eng. Jorge Oddone

Additional Information

+54 11 4894 0250 Office
+54 9 11 (15) 3227 4000 Mobile