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      1979 Cessna Turbo T210N Centurion 

Cessna Turbo T210N Centurion 1979 For Sale
Cessna Turbo T210N Centurion 1979 For Sale
  Cessna Turbo T210N Centurion 1979 For Sale
Cessna Turbo T210N Centurion 1979 For Sale
Cessna Turbo T210N Centurion 1979 for Sale
Cessna Turbo T210N Centurion 1979 for Sale
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Spec Sheet
Year Built 1979
Make Cessna
Model Turbo T210N Centurion
Price Consúltenos / Ask Us
Location EE.UU.
Conditon Usado Habilitado
TTSN 3761
Flight Rules VFR
Seats 4

General Description
Texas and California dry history with no corrosion, no hail and complete logs.

Detailed Description
Turbo IO-520
Riley Intercooler
3-Blade McCauley Propeller
New Interior Being Installed in August
Knisley Exhaust System
92 Gallon Long Range Fuel
Monarch Fuel Caps
Lower Cowling Cooling Louvers
Horizontal Abrasion Boots
Dual Pane Windows For Sound Reduction
800X6 Main Tires
Retracting Side Step
Wingtip Strobe Lights
Landing Gear Mirror
Tail Mounted Rotating Beacon
Heated Pitot
Dual Landing Lights In Nose
Static Wicks
730 SMOH, 2000, Teledyne Continental Motors
730 SPOH, 2000, American Propeller Service
Cessna Audio Panel with Three Light Marker Beacons
Cessna RT-485A Digital 760-Channel Flip/Flop Nav/Com
HSI Indicator
Michel MX-385 Digital 760-Channel Flip/Flop Nav/Com
Glideslope Indicator with VOR/LOC
Cessna RT-459A Transponder with Mode C
Electronics International UGB-16 Six-Cylinder Graphic Engin Monitor
ARC 400 Digital DME
Argus 3000 Moving Map GPS
Apollo II Morrow GPS
Cessna R-446A ADF with BFO
Cessna 400 Autopilot coupled with Altitude Hold
Yoke Mounted Autopilot Remote Disconnect
PS Engineering PM 1000 4-Place Intercom
Electric Trim
Avionics Master Switch
Analog Chronometer with Sweeping Second Hand
8/10 Repintado en 1990

Base color crema con franjas en dos tonos de marrón.

Interior instalada en agosto de 2016. Tapizados color crema y marrón en cuero y tela.
Annual Due:
Inspección anual: Marzo 2017

Subject to Prior Sale and/or Pre-Purchase Inspection


Eng. Jorge Oddone

Additional Information

+54 11 4894 0250 Office
+54 9 11 (15) 3227 4000 Mobile
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