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      1959 Cessna 182B 

Cessna 182B 1959 For Sale
Cessna 182B 1959 For Sale
  Cessna 182B 1959 For Sale
Cessna 182B 1959 For Sale
Cessna 182B 1959 for Sale
Cessna 182B 1959 for Sale
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Spec Sheet
Year Built 1959
Make Cessna
Model 182B
Price Consúltenos / Ask Us
Location EE.UU.
Conditon Usado Habilitado
TTSN 1871
Flight Rules VFR
Seats 4

General Description
Certified January 6, 1959 then went on to Colorado and the West coast and is now at Placerville, Ca. Painted and balanced in 2003 and new weight and balance as of 2004. No corrosion, no hail and complete logs.

Detailed Description
60 Gallon Fuel Capacity
Rudder Trim
Right Hand Opening Window
Pilot and Copilot Shoulder Harnesses
Cessna Seat Arrestor Belt
Wing Mounted Landing Lights
Nav-Light Detectors
Brackett Air Filter
Slick Mags
One-Piece Windshield
Tail Mounted Rotating Beacon
Wheel Pant Mounting hardware
Wheel Pants Available (Uninstalled, unpainted)
Cowl Flaps (Only Year of Straight Tail and Cowl Flaps Together)
Overhead Map Lights
High-Speed Flap Trailing Edge Bead (120 Kts)
Horizontal Stabilizer Abrasion Boots
Pitot Heat
Baggage Door
Hat Shelf
Trickle-Charging Cable in baggage area
801 SMOH
801 SNEW, McCauley 203C bipala
Garmin GNC 250XL GPS Com with Moving Map
Terra TXN 960 "Tri-Nav C" Nav/Com with Digital CDI
Narco AT 150 TSO Transponder with Mode C
Sigtronics SPA 400 TSO 2-Place Intercom
Pilot Side Drilled Push-To-Talk
Analog CHT Gauge
Analog Clock with Sweeping Secon Hand
12v Power Outlet in Panel
8.5/10 Esquema tricolor de Cessna 1967, negro, gris y crema con detalles plateados.

Tapizados de cuero y alfombra gris en dos tonos. Techo crema
Annual Due:
Inspección anual: Noviembre 2017

Subject to Prior Sale and/or Pre-Purchase Inspection


Eng. Jorge Oddone

Additional Information

+54 11 4894 0250 Office
+54 9 11 (15) 3227 4000 Mobile
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