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      1981 Cessna 182 RG 

Cessna 182 RG 1981 For Sale
Cessna 182 RG 1981 For Sale
  Cessna 182 RG 1981 For Sale
Cessna 182 RG 1981 For Sale
Cessna 182 RG 1981 for Sale
Cessna 182 RG 1981 for Sale
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Spec Sheet
Year Built 1981
Make Cessna
Model 182 RG
Price Consúltenos
Conditon Usado Habilitado
Flight Rules IFR
Seats 4

General Description
Cessna 182 RG with a us$ 80.00 investment only in the engine. New engine and blade. Half time to fly

Detailed Description
4800 horas desde que se invierton us$ 90,000 para restaurar la célula a las nuevas espcificaciones de fábrica en el 2000.

92 gallon "wet wing"
Cleveland Wheels and Brakes
95 Amp Alternator
Dual Magneto's (not single drive)
Refueling Steps and Handles
Wilco Inc. Langing Gear Inspection Mirrors (STC'd)
Rosen Sun Visors STC'd)
Soros Air Vents (STC'd)
Passenger Wemac Vent System
Dorne & Margolin ELT
Precise Flight PulseLite System (STC'd)
Strobe Lights
Heated Pitot and Stall Warning Indicator
Pilot and Copilot Articulating Seats
Dual Opening Windows
Rear seat air vents
B.A.S. Shoulder Harnesses (STC'd)
Small raised gas caps
Static wicks
Nav light detectors
Right hand opening window
Ground Service Plug
Factory extended baggage
Tail mounted rotating beacon
Pitot Heat
Wingtip Nav lights
Dual Landing Lights
Bracket Air Filter
Rudder Trim
Horizontal Abrasion Boots
460 Hours Since New on Lycoming IO‐540‐D4B5‐AA Fuel Injected, Six Cylinder Engine with Alamo
Aerospace 260 HP STC (2200 hr. TBO) in 2008. COMPRESSION'S AT LAST ANNUAL were all over 77/80.
460 Hours SNEW on McCauley B3D36C431/80VSA‐1 Scimitar Three Blade in 2008
Dual Bendix King KMA‐24H Audio Panels
Bendix King KY‐196 Digital flip/flop 760 Channel Com
Bendix King KY‐196 Digital flip/flop 760 Channel Com (inop)
Bendix King KI‐204 Glide Slope Indicator
Bendix King KLN‐94 IFR Panel Mounted Color Moving Map GPS
Bendix King KNS‐81 RNAV
Bendix King KN‐53 Nav Receiver w/Glide Slope
Bendix King KR‐87 Digital ADF with Remote BFO
Bendix King KA‐44B ADF Antenna
Bendix King KI‐229 RMI Indicator
Bendix King KT‐76A Transponder with Mode C
Bendix King KN‐63 Digital DME Receiver
Bendix King KDI‐572 DME Indicator
Bendix King KR‐22 Marker Beacon Receiver (Remote Mounted)
Bendix King KCS‐55A Slaved HSI
Bendix King KA‐118 Demodulator
Bendix King KCF‐200 Flight Control System w/Flight Director/Auto Pilot
Bendix King KA‐144 Servo Regulator
Bendix King KEA‐129 Encoding Altimeter
Bendix King 5934PA‐1 Standby Altimeter
Allied Signal Bendix King KA‐33 Avionics Cooling Blowers
Dual Altimeters
JPI EDM‐700 Graphic Engine Monitor System
Eaton Corp. Control/Annunciator Panel (STC'd)
Avionics master switch
True airspeed indicator
Aero Safe Corp. Electronically Driven Standby Vacuum Pump System
Alternate static source
Pilot side drilled PTT
Electroluminescent panel
Post lights/map lights/overhead lights/eyebrow lights
Cristales como nuevos. Base blanca con franjas azules y pequeños detalles dorados. 8/10
En muy buenas condiciones asientos tapizados en tela gris y alfombras grises también, pero en dos tonos
Annual Due:
Inspección Anual: Enero 2015

Subject to Prior Sale and/or Pre-Purchase Inspection


Eng. Jorge Oddone

Additional Information

+54 11 4894 0250 Office
+54 9 11 (15) 3227 4000 Mobile
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